Emesh is the all-in-one Digital Business Card that provides a powerful Marketing tool to enhance your branding advertising and networking in more effective and efficient ways

Effectively Convert Strangers into Customers

Outshine Your Competitors

Strengthen Your Branding

Save Advertising Costs

Build a Loyal Customer Database

Scratching your head how to overcome the challenges below?

Do you want know how to do better than all your competitors?

Do you want to find a right marketing tool to improve your branding?

Do you want to reduces or save the advertising costs?

Do you want to create or retain a group of loyalty customers?

Provides 4 Key Solutions

Covert strangers become your customers in one minute and increase closing rate

A Digital Business Card that easily build your personal branding and able to highlight your professionalism

A Digital Business Card able to help you save more money on advertising and find right target customers

A Digital Business Card able to help you to create a group of loyalty customers, so you have no worries in your market

What is the Value of a Name Card?

To present your image and status

Self introduction in prompt manner

To present your professionalism

To promote your company business

To promote your product/service values

To create a long lasting impression

Conventional Business Cards

Business Card Contents

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Minimal Products/Services Information

Sharing Channels

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Additional Benefits

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Business Card Contents

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Company Profile
  • Precise & Comprehensive
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Social Media Syncs

Sharing Channels

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Additional Benefits

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What is the role of Emesh ?

emesh assists you to build multiple bridges as links between you and your potential customers

Emesh is the Smart Way of


The Precise and Comprehensive Information

in Your Digital Business Card

Share Detailed Information With Your Customers

Emesh is compatible with these platforms

Emesh is Easily Shared and Transferred

Emesh can be linked to Marketplaces and analytics Tools


Comprehensive display of personal and corporate details

Strengthen Your BRANDING with Emesh

Self introduction

Company introduction

Video introduction

Social media platforms


it can help you to expand your customers network


Let you make unlimited Landing Pages


Building a potential customer base

Turn Your Customer into Subscribers

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